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Why take JetFuel?

There are many reasons to take JetFuel. The product provides energy, focus, and cognitive support.

When should I take JetFuel?

The product can be taken any time of day. In the morning to give you the legendary JetFuel “lift”. And in the afternoon to give you added JetFuel energy, especially before physical activity.

Can I drink it at nighttime?

Unless you plan an all-nighter for work or study, taking JetFuel near bedtime is not recommended, since it can keep you awake.

Can I drink JetFuel every day?

Like coffee, Jetfuel is the kind of performance and energy drink you can have daily.

What Is cognitive support?

Cognitive support relates to brain health. In this case, JetFuel delivers cognitive support in part through a clinically-studied ingredient called cognatiQ®. JetFuel also contains N-Acetyl Tyrosine, an amino acid that builds neurotransmitters crucial for brain health.  Choline bitartrate is also added to aid in enhanced memory function, mood and muscle control.

What is the antioxidant support in JetFuel?

The drink includes 100% of the recommended Vitamin C Daily Value. Plus, beneficial Vitamins B6 and B12.

What caffeine does JetFuel contain?

JetFuel contains 200mg of naturally-sourced caffeine (including green coffee bean, green tea extract and yerba mate).

Which ingredient in the drink provides focus?

Choline, N-Acetyl Tyrosine and CognatiQ® help support focus.

What are the primary ingredients in JetFuel?

The primary active ingredients in JetFuel include various natural sources of caffeine, theobromine, choline, n-acetyl-tyrosine and CognatiQ®. They support enhanced focus, energy and cognitive function.

How does JetFuel compare to other leading energy drinks?

JetFuel contains a superior blend of clinically-validated and dosed ingredients, a hydration element, and amazing flavors to promote a thoroughly enjoyable and more flavorful experience!

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